Saturday, 11 April 2009

From an usually uncharitable mf

There is this tiny old lady selling random stuff such as canned food and knickknacks laid out on a small piece of plastic in the Orchard area, typically near Isetan, Paragon and Heeren junction.

Sito and I were going home from Japanese class when we saw her peddling her goods near Isetan supermarket. She asked us to help her look after her "store" as she needed to go to the loo. We um-ed for a bit and were walking away when Sito decided we should help her. And so we did, and stood there looking silly for a while with this at our feet:

One evening, we saw her again outside Paragon. It was quite a sad picture as people just walked by her. As did we. We said that the next time we saw her, we would buy something from her.

So just now, we saw her again, this time outside Isetan. I asked to buy a sachet of 3-in-1 coffee.

Auntie: $4.. The other one is $5..

How overpriced! But in a moment of compassion, we got it anyway. Hope it helps..

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  1. tough choice, isn't it? between the head and emotions.. sometimes, we wish to help but there is only this much we can do.. hai~



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