Sunday, 24 May 2009

Rice and music are good for body and soul

For about three hours and a half, I was repeating: 肉.. 米.. 叶.. 绳子

And randomly: 肉掉了!

It's bah zang time again! :)

Didn't talk much otherwise. Mostly, Mother was updating me on various gossips about my neighbours.. My strategy? Just keep quiet *_*

But at one point I had to answer - I think Grams somehow let slip that I went to visit my other grandmother in the home before. So Mother asked me if that was true, without telling me who told her but she mentioned Grams in the next sentence so... She asked why I didn't tell her - was it because I was afraid she might scold me for visiting her? Um, I used time as my excuse - forgot when, forgot why, forgot everything! :p

Not quite happy with this year's work. The leaves were lousy! They kept breaking up! And the arrangement was crap - the fat leaves were all together and the thin ones were all together, making it difficult to dig for complementing leaves. Then Mother kept nagging me to use less meat cos bah zang could turn out too dry since she didn't use much oil for the meat. And in the same breath, she would complain that there would be too much left over meat...!

Mother counted 121 bah zangs - a square number, I like :p Will be distributing about half of them. They're all of different sizes :p and with different proportions of rice and meat :p but hope they're all sufficiently yummy - I'll try later for dinner :)

My ulcers seem to be finally healing. I still had milk for breakfast before making the bah zangs but I was so hungry by 11am that I had to chew on some bread - overdue since yesterday but it looked fine! My tongue was a bit raw but felt better after some water.

I decided I must have rice for lunch - so got Yan out for lunch. I had sushi! It was soooo good I went orgasmic at the conveyor belt counter table!

Some people stay away from rice but I realise I cannot. How to when rice is super good - on its own, with vinegar, with togarashi, stirred or baked with cheese, in onigiri, under raw fish, drenched in chilli con carne or curry sauce etc... But I scrapped past the ulcers while having rice so I bought some liang teh - less sugar, no doubt - to keep the ulcers in check.

And tonight, I shall finally put on my retainers - haven't used them for some three weeks in case they hurt my gum infection and subsequent ulcers. I hope my teeth are not too out of shape yet =(

Wanted to blog this last night but it was 3am - yesterday, I discovered a whole new world of music - music from games!

Sito got tickets for the Asian premiere of "Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy". It was a huge gathering of otakus! I was in the company of three of them, Mr Sito included! But I'm a geek in a skirt so we're quits :p Nobuo Uematsu was at the show too and he was so cute! Like Super Mario :)

I'm not one for orchestra and chorus but this was nice with scenes from the games that matched the pieces. And I was surprised a couple of tunes and some scenes and even names of the characters were familiar to me! But Melodies of Life was not in the repertoire - I really like that song.

Went to Robinsons after dinner. Chanced upon a sale - WMF pots and pans! We like this brand cos it's made up of our initials, heh! So we took a look - quite a lot of discounts! Being an auntie, I was rather tempted but decided I would go read up on it first. And today Yan told me it was good stuff. The auntie inside me 在蠢蠢欲动...

How? I'm hardly hungry but I'm dreaming of the bah zangs hanging on a bamboo pole in the kitchen, separated from my devilish arms by a wall and barely 20 steps.. Oooh I'm such a glutton! But I have been deprived of rice for a while! I give myself another 20min :)

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