Thursday, 28 May 2009

Basically, I'm writing this because I suddenly remember..

..that I was in a meeting the other day, and I couldn't help counting the number of times the presenter said "basically".. Double-digit count within a couple of sentences!

Some other words commonly used are "actually" and "really". And I'm not absolutely sure that the usage is correct all the time..

Honestly, before I started work, I've never heard or - yes, I'm guilty at times too - used these words so much.. I must be more aware of my language.. Surely we can be more creative than that?

But how some people use the word "ever" is hardly creativity; it is just wrong - yup, I harped on that before..

Of course there are the usual jargons like one of Sito's "favourites": incentivise :p I forgive this since it is jargon...

Now, go to bed, sleepy mf with ulcer on tongue...

1 Jun 2009

This came to me in the middle of this afternoon - after the release of "O" levels results one year, possibly when I was in Sec 3 or 4, our principal got in a couple of top students to share their success factors with the assembly and to somehow inspire us. I remember thinking, even back then, that all their sentences were punctuated with "basically" and I didn't want to be like them.. Some inspiration..

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