Saturday, 14 May 2005


Oh, almost forgot about this.. which isn't too cute..

I first heard sentences like this back in late 2003:

"I've ever been to this place."
"I ever saw this thing."

Makes sense? NOOO! And it irks me no end!

But given that language is really not my forte, I decide to check if I'm really right or if I'm just being sua ku. A
website on grammar confirmed that mf is right, so if I may...


You may ask:
"Have you ever been to this place?"
"Have you ever seen this thing?"

But in an affirmative reply, you don't EVER use the word "ever"!! Roger?

Btw, I realise I'm most linguistically creative in the sms battles with Kel, not because it's natural for me but because I need to defend myself against his whipping sarcasm. Those messages do not bear repeating.. Hmph! Nevertheless, a big thank you for working my brain!!

PS: If I find no word to ward off his attacks adequately (note: key is adequately, not that I'm totally hit speechless), I simply ignore, aka silent treatment. That, my friend, is the greatest advantage of being simply, mf :)

*mf goes back to feeling cute*

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