Monday, 2 May 2005

Can guys wear panty liners??

This question came to mind a few hours ago when I was at Watson's with SY and Kel.

Snippets at the feminine care section..

Kel: So which ones can fly? Heh heh..
SY, mf: ...
SY: This new cover looks nicer..
Kel, ever the inquisitive one: Why are these smaller?
SY: For everyday use la! ... Actually, guys can use too right?
Kel: ...
mf: Um, can meh? Different anatomy..
SY: Maybe stick a bit higher..?
Kel (to mf): I don't want to see my name when you blog this!

Why not? Not like you said/did anything wrong.. Anyway, as you see, wish not granted (for scolding me KNS amid others this morning)!

On a related note, earlier I went to the Istana open house with TCH, QX and Ad. At the security checkpoint, the officers opened THE compartment in my bag. IS THERE A NEED TO CHECK EVERY LITTLE COMPARTMENT?!

Was just talking to Sito-san who wished to see his name here again. Wish granted since poor guy seriously hurt his leg during his last day of practicum.. Get well soon! Was asking if he would be keen to train at least four times a week for ballroom competition. If he can't, I'll have to find another partner, and pronto! It's a lot of time and commitment but I feel so alive when dancing, especially quickstep :)

And salsa, I deflowered my pink Blochs on Thurs :) - by dancing horribly! :( The 3-4 weeks' break was not to blame, I realised, cos ballroom was quite ok; more like I wasn't used to flat shoes after dancing in 3-inch heels for so long. And Fri I went to this exotic cardio trial class. Felt very hip hop; the difference was in the more exciting body movements. Have decided that I'll concentrate on ballroom for now; salsa will remain social and kiv hip hop/exotic.

Ok, one more episode of Kenshin before bedtime and concluding this long weekend..

Oh, I'm revealing answers to the number game tomorrow/Wed :)

Update 04 May 05
Guess what? Friend with links in related industry informed me that guys can wear panty liners! The manufacturers "just weren't sure how effective it would be for guys".. So perhaps some time within the next hundred years, we could expect the sanitary equivalent of Biore/Clinique men's range?


  1. 4 days in a week?!! Good for all of you.. a little glad that I'm not the one. So are we going to salsa on Thurs? Provided I rem how to dance...

  2. Just a hundred yrs, we'd have guys carrying around discreet pouches filled with liners, liner dispensing machines in male toilets, guys excusing themselves to go to the gents to check on their liners, musk-fragranced liners, boxer shorts going extinct (how do u stick a liner on a pair of boxers?), male liners coming in 3 sizes - 20cm, 25cm and Texan :p

  3. 4-5 weeks of abstinence does make a big weren't bad, you were just out of practice! I didn't dance for 2 weeks and it already felt alien to me. Then again, I'm a slow learner when it comes to dancing :p

  4. to the wings thing:


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