Monday, 23 May 2005

Long weekend, busy weekend

I haven't had decent sleep since Fri =( Always sleeping late and waking up early. Must sleep earlier tonight! Tomorrow marks a new working week, and worse, a drought in public holidays, sigh..

Miki came and went over the past four days. We went to Union on Fri night, had lots of fun!! XY, Hup and Sito turned up unexpectedly and I got Hup to dance with Miki. Met again last night for dinner and drinks, this time with the Oxford people. But she was crying so much! The girl can be so sentimental.. Sighs, really don't know what to say or do except to be there and offer her tissue paper.. I'm such a block of wood! Argh!

When I got back last night/this morning, I suddenly thought of something: I haven't cried for a long time! .. Not cos I was sad anyway.. There used to be a time when I would cry a lot on my own, especially in pri-sec school. Later it was movies and novels that made me cry. Recently, zilch. Is this cold-blooded creature getting more so?

I'm so in pain right now. Been dancing a total of 10-12hours since Wed, the bulk of which was for ballroom, to prepare for the bronze exam yesterday. I was so nervous, especially since I requested to be the first one to go so I could leave earlier for dinner with Miki just downstairs. I went back for photos and results later and had a chat with the class and the examiner Neil Dewar. Turned out he's coaching at Oxford! Then Sito put on his British accent too. Felt like I was back at the Rose Lane church hall :)

Besides my joints and feet and blisters, my muscles are aching as well, delayed reaction from bowling on Sat. 114, not my highest but not bad la, beat Kel, heh heh! We hid at Great World City to escape the horrible Sat crowds elsewhere and la-ed kopi until the whole place closed. Had some interesting topics going too, among them Kok's DOI - Declaration of Interest (in girl) - and my supposedly warped thinking with regards to relationships - three of them shook hands in agreement somemore! SY and I were counting years before we could put down a deposit for a house, shared with gfs, or with future partner, or on our own. Conclusion was that we'll have to either get married or wait until 35; a HDB flat is more feasible unless we want to spend the rest of our lives paying for a studio apartment the size of my living room =(

I pray that upgrading works of my estate start asap, pls! I'm so getting crazy without personal space, without a desk to place my lappy (it's really a LAPtop now, damn hot), without a wardrobe of my own, without the serenity of 177A Iffley Road..

This is mf vegetating on a humid Mon afternoon..

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  1. Qn: "Is this cold-blooded creature getting more so?"

    Ans: I'am not sure whether you really want to know it....:)


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