Tuesday, 24 May 2005

The sun and me

Have you noticed the sun lately? Eg, it's now shining into your room at 8am when it didn't in the past few months at the same time. I don't know the exact (cosmo-)physics of it - and can't be bothered to research on it! - but think the reason is that we have entered a new phase of the earth's revolution. Not a very big thing when you translate to everyday life; it's not as if day and night swap places. But I feel a difference in me.

They say that the moon affects things and people, like the tides and menstrual cycles. I have not heard similar things about the sun. But I think the sun shows its effects in more than just seasons and crops (if the sun is the one affecting them at all.. Perhaps I do need to research on it! Getting more curious..); it affects me, specifically, my mood.

Some time in the past week, I realised that it was brighter in the morning when I woke at the same time. And it was not due to the new neon lights of the new coffee shop downstairs. I feel energised and happy! Even at work, though I almost dozed off after a fulfilling lunch today, I feel more energetic than I have been since my return from my trip. It's so different from the last sun phase - my term, don't know what else to call it - when I felt very lethargic almost all the time.

I'm wondering if this happens to other people..?

Anyway, check out photos from the ballroom exam, link on the sidebar.

And something interesting to share, especially if you're a Star Wars fan :)
The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster

I'm off to watch the movie now!

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