Friday, 13 May 2005

In the name of protecting mf

A light dose after yesterday's kpkb..

Was at Union last night. Dance floor was too crowded, random people were freaking snaking their way in and out of the place. So everyone was stepping on everyone else. I'm now nursing an abrasion and a bruise on my left ankle..

Then I collided back to back with this fattish guy. My heart and lungs etc were almost shaken out of my rib cage by the impact! Last that happened was when I was playing football in Univ Park some years back. Think I fell onto the grass after the knock, a bit dazed as my organs sorted themselves out..

Anyway, yes, in the name of protection.. Hup had to stop me a few times during mid-spins to prevent collisions. Result was that I labelled last night "hitting-mf's-boobs night"! *Put Kenshin's big-eyed "oro" face here*

"If I become any flatter, you'll pay!"
"Eh I never push you flat, it's like sideways so got push up effect somemore!"
".. If out of shape, you'll pay!"
*Laugh laugh laugh*

Ah, the folly of youth..


  1. Haha..the exchange btw Hup & u is pretty amusing.

  2. Erm... I feel that I need to say something, but realised I have nothing to say... It's all true... ("'_') but then she dance really well that day...

  3. your boobs are fine, my dear.

    Not too sure about the part that you dance really well though. :)


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