Saturday, 28 May 2005


Realised I forgot to post pictures of the medal exam.. All photos and editing software are in my office laptop so check out Al's blog for a very nice group photo :)

Sighs, it's looking like a nice day out there, should have gone to the pool! My tan is fast fading.. In fact you wouldn't think I have a tan now!

Am MSN-ing this very moment, suddenly realise I use a lot of smileys, like, seriously A LOT! All the smileys in each conversation seem to belong to me only.. Think some years back, someone (QX or BH?) said that he had never known anyone who used that many smileys in one single (ICQ, as was the rage then) message or something like that..

Speaking of ICQ, I'm supposed to check something.. About Kel and a highly possible case of amnesia!

Wa liao, the thing took three freaking long minutes to load! Then hung when I tried to search my message archive for "thanks"! While I load it again, let me tell you about his amnesia - ya almost confirmed le, saw a message from me to him that's highly suspect, on 2 Jan 2001.

One day Kel asked me if he had ever gave me a necklace for my birthday. I said yes immediately cos I remember he was in SG then but I received a package sent within UK. I sent him an ICQ message to thank him and he replied that he had asked a friend in Cam to help him send so it would reach me in time. So nice right? But guess what, he forgot the whole damn thing!! And when I described the necklace, he still could not remember and insisted that he couldn't have given me a necklace with a freaking (my word) heart-shaped pendant.. Sucks right?

Ok, ICQ loaded..

Hung again!! =( Well I like the number 3 so I shall try one last time..

So I told Kel I would go and check my ICQ history for hard evidence!

... There go another three minutes of my youth..

Right, ICQ HUNG ON ME AGAIN! =( But I have already made a discovery.. I couldn't copy so roughly:

Kel: Have you received something?
mf: Huh, what?
Kel: Erm, nevermind, just heard there was some delay..
mf: What..?
Kel: You'll understand in due course..

Above exchange was in late Dec 2000. Turned out the 2 Jan 2001 thank-you message was 2 Feb 2001 - saw wrongly - and was for helping me solve some maths.. I remember I was choosing between this necklace and the one from SY and TPL for Singnite 2001 in Feb so there, you have amnesia, Kel!! :p

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