Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Check your answers

Yep, as promised:

1.68 - height in m
80 - year of birth
5* - weight in kg, don't bother asking me what * is!
10-12 - top/trousers/dress size (UK)
6.5-7 - shoe size (UK)
25 - age this year
39-40 - shoe size but European :p
1.73-1.77 - estimated height in a variety of heels, kitten to killer!
40-50 - my hair length in cm, heh!
8-1 - DOB
421 - block number
3/9 - I can't decide which number I prefer more.. 3 is
prime, 9 is 3-squared, oooh...

Highest score is eight, I think.. The hair and fave numbers were the killer questions; no one got them right :p

I'm so NOT treating Hup lor, esp if you actually knew (sure or not..) what * is?! Not to mention you didn't guess the rest..

Zain, nice one with my block number! I didn't even realise it's a prime AND also the sum of five consecutive primes, oooh*2!

One who knows me well and another who doesn't guessed 39-40 as hip size and bust line respectively.. Um, I don't have a measuring tape but one is (ahem, much) more accurate than the other lor.. Sheesh!

Oh, Kel was mean; he said 80 could only be my weight, 10-12 my mentality and 39-40 my waise size! =( I am right to be mean to him *evil*


  1. I know... Rem? U told me the last time we met up. Would u like me to do the honour? ... ...

  2. I got 8 of them right leh.. not too bad right, no prize? SC


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