Saturday, 14 May 2005

*Blink blink*

I just realised something: I trimmed my hair last Sun but I don't recall anyone commenting on it yet.. Um, not fishing for compliments but there wasn't even a "you cut your hair ah?" I know it's still straight hair, but..


Anyway, woke up feeling cute today. Needed the bathroom but Mother was washing clothes so I asked her cutely when I could use it. Sounded especially cute cos MZ was barking that she needed to shower too. Haha, evil mf :p

Kel asked me what it meant to "feel cute". Well, I don't know! :p I just feel cute..

The black face of yesterday had been completely obliterated by feeling cute first thing in the morning! :)

But the cause of the black face is still around; stress surfaced a couple of times earlier in the day. But an hour of aerobics seemed to have worked wonders.. Even though the bathing scales jumped upwards by 0.2kg :p

PS: I used the word "cute" (and variants) seven times, including this :)

1 comment:

  1. oh ya, we are supposed to be able to tell from absolutely no pictures that you have cut your hair! Well done. :)

    Oh, you cut your hair?


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