Friday, 27 May 2005


If there is a mood chart where I can plot the highs and lows of my mood against every minute, it will show white noise.

Let's examine my past 22hours. Yesterday we went to visit Chris' newborn daughter at the hospital. She's so small! Her face is barely the size of my hand! Felt very happy looking at her expressions and cute cookie hands.. She's so cute I felt cute too :p Then the next hour, I was feeling dreamy.. I want a baby too *pout* Kel gave me a crap solution and I went BAH! No, he didn't offer himself, thank goodness..

Was sleepy post-lunch, haven't slept well since last Fri, so shitty mood. Ker said he's not talking to me cos I didn't jio him to go clubbing and I was like *.* Then work got me excited a bit but had to leave for dinner, a bit sad to leave work..!

It was a decline from there cos I was very tired and debating whether or not to go dancing. Very sian at dinner and worse when Na was an hour late; I was dozing off at BK.. Think I would be black-faced if I weren't too tired to even muster my muscles into a frown.. CY might remember once I was very pissed that she was late (and also cos it was freaking hot); she's very punctual now :p Na, hear hear, heh! Oh your interesting hair-do helped dispel the sian-ness too!

Too tired so decided to just have a drink, didn't even change into dancing shoes. Then a number of guys asked me to dance.. Why didn't that happen the past 300 times when I was wearing proper shoes?! I concluded it was because this time, there was no guy around me *.* (again) Had a simple dance with Na though, since my sandals cmi, so ok la, 10 calories gone :)

Was locked out of house at 1155pm. FREAKING HELL! Bro was stupid la, couldn't tell I wasn't back meh?! And his gf was still around, why did he latch the door?! As if returning wasn't unhappy enough..

Roamed to an old sms from Kel when clearing sms just before bedtime, lyrics to song: "那天的云是否都已料到 所以脚步才轻巧 / 风吹着白云飘 你到那里去了" Suddenly felt touched by the words and tune, for no reason at all.. Or is there? *Shrug*

On the way to work, SMAP's 世界に一つだけの花 came on air - started to feel very happy, felt that it'll be a good day today :) There's something about the tune that makes me smile.. When the song ended, I returned to neutral mode..

I've completed a few small things this busy morning. Now again, neutral.. Better diffuse into busy state now, aim to finish my list of stuff before end of the day! *Excited*


  1. wah... so kar-rer-fool ah!!!
    i wasn't purposely late wat... sob.

  2. I resent seeing my name when it is being subjected to derison.

  3. Perhaps I should stop hanging out with you at Union...:)


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