Saturday, 28 May 2005

I washed my Nokia


Cos doubly spooked, I was last night.

I did my usual thing of putting mobile on the altar top when I got back. Then, something moved from under my phone across the surface for 10cm and stopped.


When I realised it stopped right next to my Hello Kitty pen, I was pissed, oh yes I was *_* Quickly I summoned the roach expert - MZ - who is also scared of roaches herself but who also dares to kill them. I blew the thing so it moved away from my cute pen down the altar instead.

Then I was distracted by something moving out of the corner of my eye.. Outside the window was *gasp* a huge fluttering thing - fluttering! I alerted Miss Bug Buster to close the window before it flew in and scared me to death - my route was blocked by cockroach and anyway I dared not go too near the flutterer - but she only said there was (another?) one on the corridor the other day. Hello? Did she think I was freaking blind and didn't see?!

So she turned her attention back to the smaller but nearer threat and worked her Baygon - eh wrong, should be Shieldtox - magic, PSSSST!

But strong, the roach was; hanging on to the altar, it was. Ok ok, too much corn for a beautiful Sat morning even for me :p So it was that the stupid roach refused to drop and die! It was rounding the edge of the altar towards me, I saw the disgusting feelers first.. When the head came round, I gathered full lung capacity and blew - it dropped with legs upwards! Heh heh..

Then suddenly PIAK! A roll of newspaper struck out of nowhere and the roach finally looked like it was dying. Fluttering thing was gone by then so MZ went back to her darling TV while I went to shower..

Eh wait, I forgot when I washed my HP - you can't blame me cos it was freaking 130am.. Think it was before I blew the thing away from my pen? Anyway I switched off the thing and washed it under running water to remove invisble (and imaginary? :p) roach germs. It wasn't until after my shower did I realise what stupid thing I had done :( It refused to be switched on - dead?! Desperate, I dismantled the thing to let it dry overnight.. Poor phone woke up this morning, phew..

Before the spooks, I was out with KT, YH and HJ for dinner and drinks and we were talking about school and CLDDS. Apparently our juniors thought the song from our batch - lyrics by various, tune by Ker - was very nice! I agree; I can still sing it :) Then one of KT's friend from somewhere recently told him he watched a play at NJ that he liked well and could still remember the plot and certain characters. Guess what, it was our play!! So touched people still remember.. Miss those days when we were preparing for it.. Tough but so much fun :)

Oh, somehow we came to an NJ cheer that goes:
"We've got the red,
We've got the white,
We've got the stripes,
We've got the lion on our side!"

Think that's awful? It has a Chinese version:

The last two lines got us in stitches, “我们有线,我们有狮子在这边”?! Gee.. But back in those orientation days, we still cheered our voices hoarse - at least I did, die-hard Girl Guide :)

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  1. is your breath more powerful than shieldtox?!!


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