Saturday, 7 May 2005

Kingdom of heaven?

Watched Kingdom of Heaven last night. No it was not for Orlando Bloom but I can't deny he was bearable in this show. In fact, he looked good unshaven and with long-ish hair and an extra 20pounds :p Don't return to the elf look pls..

Spoilers ahead..

Sibylla brought a candle to Balian's room and said, ".. I'm here, because in the east, they say that what stands between two persons, is only light.." And she blew out the candle immediately. Enough said.

But later she redeemed herself with this line which stuck on me: one day you'll regret doing a small evil in exchange for a greater good. Oooh..

Before I continue, I'm wondering if I should put in a disclaimer to indemnify myself in light of the recent spate of bloggers being chastised for what they wrote. But heck, I'm a nobody and superficial to say the least! :p

A series of questions whose answers I do not know; I can only ask more questions.

Q1: What on earth is religion? A true belief in a greater being? Or something that some people fabricated to explain the unknown, eg what can happen when people die, because otherwise, their lives seem so meaningless, born to die? Or something that some people use as a convenient source of 寄托 (roughly translated as spiritual placement..?), ie they feel better if they believe a greater existence is watching over them?

Q2: So let's just accept there is this thing called religion. Why do people fight for their own religion? Is it under threat? Or perhaps they are not fighting for their religion but against other religions? Why so? Is one religion more superior than another?

Q3: Who has the right to claim a land as the land of their religion/god? How do they even know who and what it belongs to and why? Could it be like the scene in the show where a native (supposedly) claimed that the horse was his and Balian would have to fight him to get it? I thought the horse belonged to neither; Balian only found it among the wreck while the Arab's reason was that the horse was walking on his land.

Q4: I'm not religious so perhaps I'm not one to argue if god exists but if there is a god, why doesn't he/she put a stop to all the blood shed for religion purposes, from antiquity to today? At a battle scene in the show, I was wondering how the human race survived to today with centuries of fighting and killing over territories and religions and whatnot.

Sometimes I really wonder what keeps the faith in the hearts of religious people. I myself find no faith in something I can neither see nor hear. But that's me and I think I'll risk repeating an earlier entry if I continue on this never-ending quest for an answer..

Brain is fried. Stop.


  1. Heh, I watched that movie 2day & I think that the crusaders are divided. The knights fight for the people, they oni want to maintian peace, where people of all religions are free to worship..the other kind of crusaders..used God's name in vain, where they claimed they're fighting for God, when it's all abt themselves & the territory. Sometimes wars are made by man, not God & the reason why He allows things to happen is becos He gave man free will. A man can choose to cross the road with his eyes open or closed but with every action, there may be a consquence. He may cross the road without being run over by a car or he may die.

    That's my tots after the movie & nope, I probably can't help answer some questions of urs becos I'm juz a bimbo who lacks depth..thus..I can oni write this far without soundin 2 baka. Hehe

  2. It's just a movie. Dun think too much. Ponder only when required.


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