Monday, 9 May 2005

The Tragedy of the Frog

Hi babe!

Oh dear, I'm losing my balance trying to get a closer look at you..

Oh no oh no..!


Source: mf

Frog's name is Prince. But no, I haven't kissed him; don't intend to do so - yet :)


  1. oh dear.. mf u still a kid ah.. but very cute leh..

  2. ooopsss...! Prince fell down!!
    Thanks 4ya comment! Yah I read ya post bout japanese food... Some dishes are easy to make, so you can cook Japanese food! oohh.. u like the sounds of Japanese.. I hope you will like my accent also! coz my accent is different from ppl in Tokyo. Wow, do you like Kimura Takuya? yah he is handsome... and maybe cute! but I like Fukuyama Masaharu☆hahah
    What Japanese anime have you ever seen??

  3. Are u sure, u haven't kissed him yet... Suspiciously look like pink lip gloss near his face... =)

  4. Can I be the frog? *blink*


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