Sunday, 29 May 2005

Not again..

Feel like I'm writing a trilogy here; spooked once more last night =(

I stepped into the bathroom with make-up remover all over my face and as I closed the door, there it was, a cockroach just slightly bigger than the Fri one, on the wall adjacent to the door, right above my hair conditioner! I went ~ahhh~ and dashed past the thing out of the bathroom.

Bug buster alert! bug buster alert!

Shieldtox arrived but MZ dared not peek in case the thing flew, useless! Bo bian, I washed off my cleanser at the sink so if the thing flew it would not stick onto my face, and gingerly put my right foot on the bathroom floor, turned to the wall and.. cockroach had gone into hiding! That crispy bastard..

Mother refused to do anything. "Cockroach will eat you meh?! It's more afraid of you la!"

mf had to rise to the occasion! I stepped totally into the bathroom once more and grabbed hold of the shower head. Plan was to spray water at the toiletries basket to force the thing out so MZ would remove it with Shieldtox. But plan failed; the smart pest remained in hiding..

I needed to shower!!

Plan B: do nuts. I decided to shower with the door ajar so if need be, I could dash out, anyway bro wasn't in :p It must be my quickest shower in history man..

Ok, enough of roaches..

Met KLK and Perd after gym yesterday, were supposed to play pool but by the time everyone arrived, I had to leave for a massage session with CY. Usually I just get a bit beebee; don't doze off during full body massage but yesterday I even had a dream! Think it must be because I hadn't slept well for a whole week.

Rejoined the guys with CY for dinner and drinks. At first we were talking about our school days - again, cos it was so fun :) We plan to go back to visit Mrs Yeo in July when YX, MS and YS come back. Kok and Perd were also disagreeing on whether friends or gfs are more important. Perd said friends while Kok said gfs; the reason the six of us were sitting there together instead of with gf/bf was due to Perd's reasoning! Heh, and Kok added that his "你算老几??" theory worked at least once for him :p

Then they became mean! My tummy became a topic.. At first it was the usual: mf was fatTER last time; so still fat la! Then Kok was saying he'll be working in a clean room env and the working hours will be very siong, cannot find gf etc. It evolved to Perd saying Kok should store his sperms in syringes in the freezer in case the chemicals should affect his reproductivity! Kel said Kok should first work his theory to find someone to have his kids first.. Somehow the arrow turned to me to be the "incubator" for his kids! Wa liao, ok lor, if he would sponsor Marie France Bodyline for life :p But Tok said it wouldn't affect my figure much since there wasn't one to begin with in the first place.. Sob! =(

But the funny part was Perd speaking almost totally in Mandarin. He had to ask what sperms, syringe etc were in Chinese as he "advised" Kok.. Even as we parted, Perd was reminding Kok to remember to store the syringes in the coldest fridge - 最冷的! CY and I only heard four words of Kok's reply that left us in stitches: 我的精子!

Oh almost forgot, my new dancing shoes are so pretty! :) Was cooking lunch yesterday when a cool Indian guy knocked on my door. You mean we have such cool postmen around? :p But I was totally not cool, kiddish pyjamas, pink and bears and all, gaaar.. Anyway I'm bringing my shoes to class today, need to break into them as they feel a bit tight. Can't wait! :)

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