Wednesday, 1 June 2005


I realise there is too little time to do the too many things I want to do. Besides singing and travelling, I have ballroom and salsa, pretty regular activities. So is Jap I guess, almost finishing the mock exams for JLPT level 4. Reading for revision only - my level higher than that la, should be able to move to level 3 soon before studying hard for level 2. I'll aim for next Dec! *Fingers crossed*

That doesn't leave me with much time to pursue other interests though they may prove to be short-lived anyway. Like, I had once thought of studying Greek mythology, and perhaps putting the major characters with complicated relationships into a short compilation, the way I drew a family tree of the Dream of the Red Chamber characters - where is it now anyway?? But I didn't even get started and it was swiftly forgotten. Then, I've always wanted to learn the piano but time and money are things I cannot afford. Told IS maybe I'll learn with my kids next time, heh.. In the meantime, I'll just play my fave melodies on my super old organ.

The next one is, hopefully, more than a flicking interest. Remember that book I bought in Stanford book store? Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling? It reminded me of my very first trip when I was totally mesmerised in the Sistine Chapel. Suffered a neck strain from a prolonged period of staring skywards with KP who bought a book detailing the frescos. Almost six years on, I'm re-aquainted with these fabulous works. I even went to the extent of googling for relevant courses before realising that I don't freaking need a degree in art history to feed my interest! So I've decided to sniff out online resources after I finish the book - just a few more pages left..

Then the other day as I was filing my ballroom result slip, I saw two old sketch books from secondary school. I didn't draw anything in it but the first section of each was filled with newspaper cuttings of Van Gogh's Sunflowers, Xu Bei Hong's Horses etc. I remember I refused to throw them when Mother dug them out of the storeroom one day and even upgraded them to my cabinet of notes and files.

Mon, I finally stepped into Popular and grabbed a sketch book and a brown drawing pencil, the kind I used to use for outlining as a kid, no need to sharpen, just peel..? Nvm, brown pencil. So I drew the right side of my white/pink stilettos and named it "The Missing Left". Last night, I propped Meh on my knee and drew her lovely face and front legs. Think my portrait of Meh is nicer than that of shoe; you can't tell if the shoe is left or right :p

And there's pole dancing! Haven't signed up for classes yet but I hope to.. There may be more but enough for now. I need to prioritise all these activities.. Drawing and reading, I can do whenever I'm not going out. Ballroom and Jap should be my two top priorities. There, set! :)

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