Saturday, 4 June 2005

Another number game

Was bored just before bedtime the other day so..

Number of unique contacts in HP: 211

Isn't that disgusting? I mean, I don't get even two calls every day! And even if I do, they are likely to be from the same two or three persons =( As for sms, I do get more than two, invariably verbal abuses or gossips from certain you-know-whos.

So, where are the other 200?!

I would not have useless contacts taking up phone memory - had enough of "memory almost full" messages. So I deleted those who have never called and who never will, and whom I've never called and never will. But I kept a couple of useless numbers, like Beauty Forever so that I'll know when they call and I'll never answer wahahaha!

Second count: 156

Still a lot..

Third count: 116 personal contacts + 17 karaoke, salon etc

That's after I tighten up censorship but I may still have trouble if you ask me to name half of the 116.. And grand total of calls today: zilch.

Before you question, I do make calls ok, despite having only 100 free outgoing minutes (and free incoming!) but I usually call the same few who call me and whom I sms with.. Suddenly realise my social circle is actually quite tiny..

Not my habit to call people "just for a chat" la, unless there's something in particular I want to talk about or ask, very typical 无事不登三宝殿! Like, CY and I have been friends for what, 15 years?! But the longest we've spent on the phone was only 30min, I think..

On a related note, I'm going to count my friends. Close friends. Then I realise I have to define "close" properly. Have a few groups of friends whom I meet up often enough. Do you call them close? All of them in the groups? I decide I have to be more discriminate.

Finally, I shortlisted to only thirteen. Ok, say I be even more discriminate - seven is the least I can go after six agonising eliminations.. Interestingly, the M:F gender ratio changes from 7:6 to 5:2..

Hey I don't mean I treasure only these people and not other friends ok.. Just that they are the ones I'll turn to when I'm in trouble (heh, now you pray you're not one of the seven/thirteen :p) and when I want to share my laughter, and who, I believe, will also think of me when they need a trusted friend to confide in.

Seems very bad to categorise friends like this.. But question: don't you sometimes feel you'd rather be sleeping or working or somewhere but there when you're with certain people? The thirteen are the people I meet more or less regularly, whom I can easily converse with, and who have priority to my evenings and weekends; the rest, paiseh, pls take a queue number and I'll entertain if I feel like it/ up to it! Ok, not that bad la :p

That said, I do spare time for other friends, especially those I haven't seen in a long time.. Like dinner last Fri, arranged rather late so glad I was able to make it as original dinner was postponed; or dinner this Sat, planned long ago in late Apr or early May. But otherwise, I need to prioritise so that I can spare some time for myself alone too.

Think I've slacked enough, I'm off to pursue my non-prose interest: drawing. Dreamt of an interesting fish early this morning so I shall attempt to draw it :p


  1. Now you've got everyone wondering...
    Am I in the 7, the 13, or *gasp* the 116?!


  2. i'am definitely in the 116 number, since you never call. Hmpf...I should stop calling you...

  3. Hehe, welcome back to my blog!! and thank you so much for ya birthday wishes on ya singing!

  4. yo. just discovered you (again!) in my long list of favouites. Think i'm one of those you deleted liao :P.



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