Saturday, 18 June 2005

"Enduring Love"

We had a lunch time screening yesterday, Enduring Love. A man died in a rescue attempt by a group of strangers. When they found the body, Joe and Jed exchanged a glance that somehow made Jed fall in love with Joe. His subsequent stalking threatened to destroy Joe's life. Eventually, Jed knifed the gf and while she was bleeding on the floor, Joe had to put on an agonising act of accepting him and knifed him back while they were kissing (gross - Jed looked like he never bathed!). Neither died but the couple didn't seem to get back together. Ending was creepy: Jed was in a asylum and he turned to the camera and smiled *shudders*

The running theme was love, starting with Joe and gf (he was about to propose but never got the chance); the grandfather's love for his grandson in danger; the kind man's compassion for the boy which eventually killed him; Jed's obssession for Joe; Joe lecturing on love in his philo class (he seemed to take different stands before and after the stalking started); the (lack of?) love of the dead man's wife; lost love (I like this - Joe's gf was unable to sculpt his face cos she felt she was too close to him to examine him objectively but the stalking incidents drove them apart and she eventually sculpted his face and ended their relationship); hidden love between a teacher and his student, two hitch-hikers with the dead man who run away when they saw the mishap happen; recovered love when the dead man's wife realised he didn't cheat on her (she forgave the student who left her scarf in the dead man's car but she asked, who would forgive her?)

Despite being disturbed by it, I found it a rather poignant film. The glance meant nothing to Joe, in fact it was somewhat demeaning to him, but it spelt the world to Jed: "God's love passed between us"! As Jed sat in the park outside Joe's house, he interpreted Joe's opening and closing of the window to be a signal that Joe loved him! The whole thing reminded me of a song: ain't it funny how a moment could just change your life..

Ok, enough of the heavy bits.. I should stop thinking about it, put it to rest..

We had a wonderful time at the tim sum place at Tanjong Pagar where SZ brought me and Na the other day cos it was Jason's last day with us - he's going to become a teacher! Adjourned for drinks right across the street. Had the impression it was a moderate gay pub. Oh and it was smokeless, quite cool, saved my hair :p

Think we indeed are a crazy bunch of people, went from our usual sexed up conversations to guys' urinal and the toilet habits of colleagues! Of course there were other stuff too, like, did you think MJ was innocent? And the difference between feminine and effeminate behaviour etc. Hmmm, my writing doesn't seem to do our conversation justice leh, ok stop!

Left them earlier (again!) cos Hup informed he was at Union. He said Na was there but she was gone by the time I reached there. But I couldn't really dance la, just went for a drink; wrong shoes and a skirt that flew way too high. Was ok dancing a bit with Hup, doing only basic, right turn, CBl, enchufla and such variations :p but gaaar Ker tried to do CBLT! Excuse me but I've got no legs to show should my skirt flew all the way lor! :p

Ok, have to rush for a lunch appointment!


  1. yadda yadda yadda... lost me...

    I went to Liquid Room with Bern, then went back to the prata place after that coz the crowd at LR was disgusting!!!

    You didn't tell me you were going what...


  2. Well, I didn't know I was going too! :p Decided only last minute; was in the area and Hup was there with friends.

  3. Yes, definately wrong skirt.
    Wait all the ji ko pek drool


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