Saturday, 18 June 2005

How did Cinderella die?

Kel shared with us the real story: apparently, Cinderella could not go to the ball cos her period arrived at the most inconvenient moment. You know, it was back in those days, so Fairy Godmother used her magic to transform a pumpkin into the tampon we know today. Cinderella didn't make it back before midnight..


I was late for lunch but well, Hup wasn't on time either. CW and XY were to join us late anyway but Sito was the best. He thought it was 120pm instead of noon cos in my sms to him, one line ended with 120 and the second zero was on the next line. Gee, why would I choose such an awkward time?! CW suggested we should next meet at 137pm :p Then Sito bit back: but it's mf! Grrr...

Walked to OG to check out cheap dancing shoes - $32!! But my feet too big, sob! Then we met XY for only a while before I had to leave to meet Kel, SY and HL. Very nice, they waited with me at the Heeren bus stop :) Oh, on the way there, there were some guys dressed up in masks and afro hair etc, walking around with some promotion placards. I went up to the afro guy and touched the wig! Think I shocked him :p

Not sure why but mf was a bit crazy today. All this random stuff.. Afro guy; flashed my tanlines at Sito who said no man would want me (hmph, it's the whole package or nothing!); did a Mr Bean thing of pretending to lose control of a vacuum cleaner in Courts; SY and I sang, of all things, the SG Pledge on the Suntec bridge.. Just feel very happy today :) Tummy was also happy cos it stayed flat until dinner..!

It was also bump-into-people day: two girls from school, Mrs Yeo, two friends, a colleague. Very pleasant surprise to see Mrs Yeo with her daughter at Mango. Am planning a trip back to NJ to visit her when YX, MS and YS comes back in July. Sito, you will help me check Mrs Yeo's time table, won't you? :)

Oooh, YX is online! Lucky guy, in Osaka now, bunking in at WX's place.. When will I go to Japan again? Sighs..

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