Thursday, 9 June 2005

Narcissistic Thurs

That day, G mentioned this girl dancing on a podium in some club, on her own, showing off her fab figure. Almost perfect except for her face - jia lat! Hmmm, I said, god is fair.

Like, mf is quite pretty right? Face la.. Then it goes downhill from the neck :p But overall, I'm satisfied.. It's what's inside that I'm not too happy with: I have grass between my ears, and some say tulips too. Well, like I said, god is fair! :)

Been having good hair days since I stopped sleeping on wet hair. Good hair day also means I feel at least 10% prettier, though grabby clothes can counter pretty index by -50% *.* Anyway, you must have had enough of mf saying mf is pretty or cute etc.. So let me give you third person accounts..

1: We were looking at Japan pictures together

Cheryl: Hmmm, you're quite photogenic..
mf: Really?! *Starts gushing..*
Cheryl: ...

2: Email exchange

mf: .. Unfair! I never had any shuai ge teachers =( But I was so tu any cutie also wouldn't notice =(( Then my school didn't have any cutie to begin with, bah!
SW: ..nothing's fair in this world... (mf: agree! :p) Ok, i admit i do make friendly jokes of those geeks during my sch days.. but deep down inside i know they are introvert by nature and have problem getting along with the "bad" people like me! .. But i do notice some geeks are very beautiful just that they dun wan/dun know how to bring it out...and most of them are very helpful when u ask them bout school work...BUt alot of them turn into Ultra Chio Bu (mf) (mf: I didn't write that "mf") that i hardly recognise them on the streets until they call me..

Finished puking yet? Have a good day :)

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  1. a bit weird to leave this sentence at the comment box, but well..."no comments".

    Now we all know why tulip is your favourite flower...:) oh yeah, to all those would be suitors out remember this.


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