Thursday, 2 June 2005

What's wrong with lacy socks?

Al: Why do they pick on your socks, very nice what..
mf: Ya lor..
Sito: Looks like panties..
D: I didn't say that, I didn't say that.. *walk away*
mf: o_O

Nonetheless, I love to wear my lacy foot socks or whatever you call them with my new flesh satin dancing shoes :) But I need to break into them, a painful process..

Had supper with them - I had soursop, not fried kway tiao - and as we were walking to D's car, I heard my sms ringtone. Out of reflex I touched on my bag to check that it was indeed my sms - vibration mode was on.

Tune died on my touch =(

I was horrified; I thought HP died! Remember I washed it last week? The ringing has been crap since then, need to trade it in for $100 before it's too late :p

When I hurriedly dug it out to check, I saw that somehow I was sending a message - keypad must have been unlocked somehow and my gentle touch stopped the ringtone. Phew, HP didn't die.. So I read my new message:

Ad: ok, thanks.

Huh? I thought he sent wrongly.. But no, I was the one who sent wrongly!! I found that I sent him two messages accidentally! Hazards of being the first (or last) name of everyone's phonebook..

"O cool! Ok then next thurs or fri let you know :)"

Paiseh ah.. He said he couldn't resist not to reply when my message sounded so enthusiastic etc.. Think this round, mf lost in terms of randomness.. Grrrr..

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  1. eh these lacy socks u're talking about... もしかして... the ones you bought in tokyo?


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