Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Thanks but no

Almost died of suffocation on the bus today. I was happily reading my JLPT 4 TYS (just finished it!) when my nose was assaulted by a strong terrible smell.. Gaar, it was stale smoke from a man with two kids who just sat down two rows in front!

Suddenly remember that I was first offered a stick of pot on a felucca in Egypt before a cigarette during Dol's birthday cele in her room :p The most recent cigarette offer should be my birthday cele this year but I didn't take - not interested, not even tempted by the novelty. Hell, it isn't even a novelty cos I grew up with a smoker in the house, hence stale smoke lingered everywhere. Hated it. Then I developed a horrible nose allergy problem, currently suppressed by drugs. I should be about 12, and I made him go out of the house to smoke, heh!

Anyway.. So, I do have friends who smoke and I don't mind so long as they don't breathe into my face. But goodness, this bus guy wasn't even smoking and he smelled like he just walked out of smoke dung. With his pre-school kids. And 2m away! Darn the bus's ventilation!

Tired, shall end with a word of advice: when you have kids, pls don't smoke in front of them.

*Yawn yawn*

1 comment:

  1. I tink smoker parents will still smoke in front of their kids..their mentality is "U're my kid, so warts & all, u gotta live wif wat I am."

    My brother smokes in his room & bathroom but nowhere else.We accepted the fact that he's a smoker while he respects our air by not smoking anywhere else cos he's the oni smoker in the family. I guess it's mutual understanding bah.


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