Saturday, 4 June 2005

I can't get over this

Homer is driving and crashes into a statue of a deer.

Homer: D'oh!
Lisa: A deer!
Marge: A female deer.

Don't you love them? :)

I remember how I used to rush back to catch it at 6pm, followed by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air right after. And I would dash in and out of the room to check on my pasta. But that was only for a while. Either BBC ended the run or I became busier with work.. Think it's the former, cos I was still watching MVP Valentine, and reading HLM - Hong Lou Meng aka Dream of the Red Chamber :p

That should be early 4th year. Trinity term was horrible in terms of work. I would spend the whole day in the library, staying up to 10pm and once, 1am, then walk 30min back to my apartment. There was no Sunday. Late summer was just as bad, what with rushing my dissertation and discovering to my horror one week before the deadline that a lot more needed to be done. It's amazing to recall that I didn't freak out much back then.. Think I practically re-ran 100% of my analyses and wrote 60% of my dissertation that crazy week. Then you had to queue to use the only laser printer in the lab, and queue somemore at the binding shop cos the world was finishing at the same time! But it was fun, we printed, bound and submitted our dissertations together, before a wonderfully relaxing breakfast at Queen's Lane Coffee House :)

Sigh, if only I had a blog back then! I would record all the big and tiny happenings in Oxford, things which are slowly being zipped up in the deep recesses of my mind with time. Because I'm scared I'll forget them. I fear that one day, there may be no quotes, no sudden whiff of a familiar scent or any other catalyst to release them, to bring back the wonderful memories.

But recently, YY said that perhaps I should not keep looking backwards, should look forward instead. True, I can't keep living in my past, must not neglect what's in front of me! Just that it's so nice to reminisce about Oxford :) Ok ok, forward looking!

And I have digressed.. Back to things I can't get over.. The following snippets from my ever happening office, names will be obscured to protect their identities :p

M1: Ok, enough, I know I'm eye candy but you better go back to your work. Now.
F1: .. *Not going back to work*
M1: Fine, I'll pose here for 5min for you to admire then you must go back to work! *Pose*
F2, mf: *Laugh laugh laugh*
F1: .. ED.. (mf: forgot what she said)
F2: What is ED?
M1: Economy drive..
F1: You don't know about Jason's ED? *Whispers* Erectile dysfunction..
F2: ..
F1: Other people's cannot go up but his cannot go down!!
F2: !!!
F1: *Spotted M2 doing his work, unaffected* Psst, M2, psst..
M2: *Turns around*
F1: You have ED? Erectile dysfunction??!
M2: o_O
F1: Yours cannot come up or cannot go down?
M2: *Goes back to work*
F1: It's ok, you can tell me later, in private..

On another occasion..

Ah Beng: Kopi! .. Eh Tall One back from holidays ah? Happy not?
Tall One: No la, you didn't write letters to me..(!)
Ah Beng: Letters?! I'll only write to mf! Heh heh..
mf: Wa liao.. *Err, no I don't want you to write me letters*

Then Yan's Sec 3 students in her tuition class..

A: You know condoms are oily oily one..
B: Huh? How you know one?
A: Ya, for SP.
B, C: ??
A: Self pleasure..

All in front of the teacher! Then I wonder why he used a condom for himself, got Tiger Balm on his hands ah?! :p And on that:

mf: You'll go blind if you masturbate too much, heard from somewhere.. *.*
D: From now, I'll look at blind people in a different light..!

Btw, Yan is going for MOE interview on Wed, wish her all the best :)

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