Sunday, 12 June 2005

Nothing special but itchy fingers.. *scratch scratch*

Woke damn early on a Sunday cos was supposed to go jogging. But the clouds were gathering.. Ended up chatting with Insp Susan over breakfast at Macs; think we haven't met since she started work in Mar! Then SZ, Na and I went for a cozy tim sum lunch. Place was really nice, we spent a long time in there just chatting. Can't really remember but that should be the first time three of us had such a great time together :)

After ballroom, Sito was telling me of this
SPG blog that the girls were mentioning earlier as well. Just checked it out, um, prefer the pink of Xiaxue.. Oops, ya I read that sporadically; somehow some people can't believe that, heh!

But I wasn't too happy on the way back; my area has some sleazy people! On my way out this morning, this uncle was walking in my direction and freaking whistling at me. I ignored as usual and walked on. Then just now worse, heard someone behind me saying hi and hello etc. Then I saw this uncle cycling past me, with his hi's and hellos and an irritating smile across his sick face. Gross! Couldn't stand it and I went TA-MA-DE! but he was still hi-ing away and looking back! mf was pissed! Showed him the finger *.*

Felt better after stuffing myself with three dumplings, yes, three - those who like (Mother's) dumplings, be jealous :) Then a lychee jelly. A bottle of Yakult. Two slices of apple.. Man, I DO eat a lot, don't I? Nvm, I shall go for gym class tomorrow to atone for my sins..

Oh oh, Mother just showed me this book: My Son, The NS Man - What Parent Should Know About NS!!! Gee, I never knew such a handbook existed! Go and translate for her later..


  1. Wow. I should learn from u on how to handle harassment!

  2. that's an affirmative! you don't eat like a mouse :)


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