Sunday, 26 June 2005

Rosy cheeks

Was tanning at the pool yesterday when the skies became horribly overcast - never had I seen such a huge patch of black clouds and so near, quite scary. But I staunchly refused to get my ass up.

"We've only been here a while! The clouds will move on.."

"You're a sun worshipper, not cloud worshipper. And the clouds are moving faster than you run!"


Then Kel just grabbed my stuff and moved to the shelter. Soon after, it poured - cat 1 somemore. Ok, I lost!

We sat there watching kids being tested (before it turned cat 1) - one lap in 3 min (Na said that's silver test) - and I had a sudden inspiration to learn swimming again. My current swimming moves me like maybe 10m in 5min?? And I'm sure the techniques are wrong plus I don't know how to tread water. That coach I had some months ago had long since disappeared, bah! Need another one, a more trustworthy one.

The skies cleared after a while and everyone went back into the pool, including yours truly, just to try swimming a bit. But it proved to be tough in my teeny weeny itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini. Ya right, black la.. Had to stop every few strokes to adjust the thing. But I was surprised to see myself covering almost half the length at one go - very happy, thanks Kel for encouraging me :)

The sun woke up soon after but it was quite late and I was hungry... Thought I'd bake for just another 10min under the mild sun so I didn't bother with the lotion and face towel but guess what? I fell asleep for some 20min!! My cheeks felt damn hot - I went out in the evening without blusher :p

Went for a salsa styling workshop, realised I looked like shit with the body roll =( Must practise!! Went to Union for this week's cardio after dinner with Na at Maxwell - finally passed her the Japan trip photos, Miki's presents and a piece of VS! She's back to regular work on Mon, so are Hup and Sito - ganbare, senseis :)


  1. I wanna go for merengue workshop at doortofloor on 19 jul (sat). Interested? :D Already got 1 other friend (female) going with me. Int 1...have to wait a while, k? My salsa's like s*** atm.

  2. does it help your body roll if you strive for a moment of inertia = 2/5 mr^2? simplifies the mechanics of the problem, physicists likes it!


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