Friday, 6 May 2005

It's raining =(

.. and I'm scared =(

Just came back from a post-lunch loo trip. Toilet was windy and I could feel rain spray. Don't like.

I can see the world outside work from my 15th floor location. It's greyish white and the twin towers in the distance are blurred. Well, at least they are not completely obscured as they can be sometimes. But that's not much of a consolation. Don't like.

Worse, my mind turns as foggy as outside, how to concentrate on work?! Don't like.

Last straw, Wunderground says it's thunderstormy all the way to next Wed. Don't like!

Honestly, dislike is just a lame front for fear. I do like rain; I think it's poetic. But unless I'm asleep, or comfortably curled up with a book/my laptop, or in some cranky mood (I'm obviously not cranky now), rainy days are almost my equivalent of
grabbed-by-dead-woman's-hand-when-waist-deep-in-well days. Some emotional security issues? But then some people are anatidaephobic, so..

Then of course there's the inconvenience of rain (unless you wish to use it as an excuse - sometimes legitimate - to avoid appointments). We're supposed to have our healthy lifestyle event this afternoon - dragon boating! Heard that Kallang side is not rainy, hope it stays that way 3-6pm..

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