Friday, 6 May 2005


After more than a decade, we saw Mrs Seeh again on Tues, thanks to CY, Des and JK who arranged the dinner :)

She's still very much the same despite age now showing, just like we are still (almost) every bit the jumping monkeys of TGPS 6A even after 13 years :p Don't play play ok, she won the Battle of the Bill against heavyweights Des and JK!

Mini reunion of 6A with petite Mrs Seeh

Source: CY

I think she's very steady, can still remember so many of us - face and name. Very nice as we updated her on ourselves, recalled the memorable bits of our time, talked about classmates, the school, other teachers and their whereabouts.

Des: 老师, do you still give remedial classes on Thurs?
mf: Kao! You still remember we had them?!
Des: Ya, Thurs Chinese, Tues English ma..
mf: .. *Stunned speechless*

We saw her off as Mr Seeh ferried her away. Then seven of us pitted our Daytona skills against one another. Didn't win any of the 3-5 games but it was a lot of fun! Haven't cursed that much for a long time too, heh!

Very grateful that I'm still in contact with this bunch of people. Perhaps ours was a very neighbourhood neighbourhood school with students mostly staying within walking distance of it. And if people move, they seem to move to the same few estates - besides CY who moved twice and is still around the school! - and it's easy to meet up for dinner/supper.

We had a chalet last Sep and it was great fun hanging out with them, with all the silly banter and stupid jokes during the 3-6am KTV session, oops-we-missed-the-sunrise sunrise watch, frisbee/football and BBQ. Oh, and I must not forget to mention the countless brushes with death - ok, not that serious la - as our super "safe" driver kindly ferried us everywhere :)

Already looking forward to another major gathering this year! And more immediate, lunch; mf is hungry..

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