Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Who's "auntie"?

After gym today, I headed straight for the fish soup stall. I was going to say "Auntie, 米粉汤!" when I caught myself and said "老板,米粉汤!" instead.

The "auntie" was maybe in her 30s. I'm only a few years away, not young enough to call her "auntie" already! Same thing for Alice at the juice stall. I just call her by name cos she looks so young despite being in her 40s.

So I was there slurping my fish soup (random: I lost a piece of fish cos I dropped it!) and thinking about how so many people were "aunties" and "uncles" to me just not that long ago. And I was the little girl around.

Now, I'm 29, and at the median age in office. And friends' kids are starting to address me as "auntie" already.

Guess I don't mind but it is just odd to realise that I seem to have moved into another generation... And I don't feel it!

I also realise that this is the nth time I'm talking about age here this year. A manifestation of my subconscious as I advance towards to the big THREE? *.*

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