Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lazy Sunday, lovely Sunday

Yesterday we went to NJ's 40th anniversary dinner, held in no other place but the school hall...

They were taking photos of each batch until the 1990s, when batches from the decade went up for a combined picture. Will post if I get it!

Oh, I wore a red dress and Sito wore a (blue) striped shirt. Does the combi remind you - if you're a good old NJCian - of anything? Answer is at the end of an old post.

Anyway, it's Sunday!

Dear Yan just came back from the UK so we met for breakfast this morning - at Macs :) She has put on some weight! Well, as did I during my studies - so much so that Sito (yes!) looked at me and said, "Food in Oxford must be very cheap!" But the weight will be gone in a bit..

We talked so much! And suddenly, six hours had passed! So we had lunch :p

I'm going to laze the rest of the afternoon away, rest my feet, rest my mind, rest my ulcer so that I can get through another work week... I'm looking forward to the next weekend already! :)

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  1. Eh wah lau I was thinking about the American flag lah. So misleading. And oh man I wish I could go! Damn. Upload pictures please! Oh, please reassure me that when I get back from Singapore that I will lose weight? I have gained 3 kg since coming to Japan in the past 8 months and I hate my fat self. Miss you! Na


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