Thursday, 29 March 2012

Belly stories

It was our second day in Seattle. After washing up, I returned to my side of the bed to wake Sito. He turned, took a look at me, and went, "Why are you stripped??"

But I wasn't! I was wearing my PJs - white tee and black mini shorts!

Turned out that my belly completely obstructed the shorts *.*

Now, I can see only the sides of my undies when I stand up straight. I can't see my toes too.

Yup, my belly suddenly popped out a lot in the past couple of weeks. Must be baby growing and growing lots! :)

Nowadays, I love admiring my belly in the mirror. The shape is quite fun to behold. I mean, it's just round, yes, but there's an obvious line where the bottom part of the roundedness starts - it kind of shows the shape of the uterus. Or at least that's what I think I'm seeing!

I like the little tent the hem of my T-shirt makes in the middle as it falls over my belly. Sito said it looks like it's floating. Well, my tees are definitely getting shorter. In a few weeks, I'll have to wear either my full-panel maternity pants or my bellaband over my usual drawstring pants. Don't fancy doing a midriff *.*

My belly is more protruding out front than all round so I look a little chubby from behind but no one can actually tell that I'm pregnant from behind. TCM doctor said women pregnant with boys tend to have such a belly shape. Sito said that's rubbish haha!

While I'm enjoying all this, I'm sad that I can no longer rush up to hug Sito; I'll bounce back! So he has to twist his torso away so that we're in our dance position, each in our own window *.*

And my belly is coming up against my boobs, creating this crease that really irritates me! I can't slough even a little bit. Sito learns from his old fat crease that it feels better for skin to crease into clothes than into each other - good trick! But it still takes some getting used to.. For now, I'd better sit up straight. Don't want to risk getting wrinkles too!

Oh, another discovery during our trip is that my dear pi zai is off-centre - I'm not symmetrical, and I didn't realise it until now! Well, at least it's still an innie.. Let's see whether it will eventually pop out...

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