Saturday, 10 March 2012

Exclusively mine...for now

It's so fun to feel baby move in me :) It's really an inside feeling cos when I put my hand on my belly, I don't feel anything.

He seems to like to move early in the morning when I sit here quietly, sometimes in the afternoon, and often at night when I first lie down and put the music on.

So last night, I disrupted Sito from studying and asked him to come to bed to feel him move. But Sito went to the toilet and by the time he came back, baby had given a few hard knocks (hardest ever!) and quit for the night!

Oh well, let's try again tonight...

We're going out for lunch today - dim sum in Viet town! Try something new and hopefully yummy cos our last dim sum experience in Chinatown wasn't too good.

Btw, check this out - how the organs shift during pregnancy!

Update 7.47 pm

The dim sum at Furama was good! Except for the char siew buns which were disappointing.. The place was very old-school with roaming carts. They even had dou hua! :) We ate some 12 items :p Got two sesame balls, an egg tart, an old wife cake and a vanilla swiss roll from a nearby confectionery to snack on too - happy!

And, I received my Bellaband today from Figure8. I only ordered it three days ago! Got a white, size 1, keeps my unzipped denims up and fits nicely with plenty of space for later expansion hoho!

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