Monday, 12 March 2012

Discovery at 22w3d

Just showered and was rubbing my heavenly scented stretch mark oil in front of the mirror when I saw fleshy bits where the waistline should be. So I told Sito:

Eh, my belly very sexy leh..


Don't think it's because of the very full weekend in Bahamas. Or the burger and au gratin potatoes this afternoon. It's just...natural, ahhhh :)

I now weigh 142 pounds - I have gained 12 pounds since the beginning. But since two weeks ago, I gained five pounds! That's a bit over the one-pound-every-week guideline. If I gain a pound a week from now, I would have gained a total of 30 pounds! Still within range for my weight but I intend to gorge when I go back to Singapore :p so I'd better start watching what I stuff into my mouth and walk a bit more..

For some strange reason, I have been getting insanely hungry very frequently for the past week or so. I would get hungry at strange times and I MUST EAT! In fact, after removing my face mask, I'm going to have a bit of vanilla swiss roll from an Asian confectionery - it's very 家乡, I like :)

And baby is no longer exclusively mine.. Sito's hand spent some time on my belly yesterday, and last night, he finally felt baby move! He didn't seem very impressed though, bah! Guess not when baby isn't abusing HIS bladder now!

Oh yes, I have confirmed my flights home!! One third of my miles will expire by the end of April so I topped up 3,000 miles for US$120 to redeem my flights. I would have earned 3,000+ miles by mid April but I was afraid I couldn't get tickets by then. Also had to pay almost S$400 in taxes, but still worth it! Be taking Asiana to Incheon and then SQ to Singapore! Departing 16 May, arriving 18 May.

But before that, we have holidays! And we're off to our next holiday this Friday! Going to knock down the details of our itinerary tonight...

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