Saturday, 13 April 2013

He knows

First of all, I must admit that I got my dates wrong - not that I remember his birth date wrongly but I really thought Thursday was the 12th when I blogged about ZK turning nine months!

So well, on the 12th, which was yesterday, he finally crawled out of his bedroom on his own while I was busy in the kitchen! I heard little hands on the floor, turned and saw his little head showing just behind the laundry basket outside his room. Super cute :)

Today, I had to work in the morning. Sito and Mum brought him to MBS where he had a foot bath in the jacuzzi hoho! No swim diaper.. Will post photos here when I get them..

What are you thinking about, my dear one?

After lunch, we headed for the baby spa, at Plaza Sing again. This time, he was super happy! We think he is now able to recognise that this is a fun activity :)

This evening, we decided to give him a bath instead of the usual shower. New colourful balls from Daiso and two rubber duckies were waiting on the water for ZK who seemed happy to see bath toys like in the baby spa :)

Then as usual, Papa dried him on the bed while I dried myself. ZK was looking at me. Then, suddenly, he said "mama".

"Mama", not "mamamamamama".


Sito said he thought ZK knew what he was saying.


But guess what, I felt strangely calm, as if he had been calling me "mama" forever, as if it was to be expected. But of course, it IS expected!

Now that I think about that moment, it just feels extraordinary.

He hasn't been speaking much for the past couple of weeks. It wasn't until this afternoon that he started saying "mamamamamama" again. And then, he stopped at just "mama", while looking right at me.

My dear boy, 九个月了就是不一样 :)

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  1. Must be a wonderful feeling! I'm still waiting for SX to say it for sure!


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