Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Maybe baby

Last week, I effectively stated very publicly on FB that I would love to have another baby. And yesterday over a baby-free weekday lunch with LS they all, she commented that it would be challenging with Sito away most of the time. Sigh, how unfortunately true...

Thinking back, we don't exactly have a very good track record. We had one whole year of failed attempts before we managed to get pregnant although we lost that one. And, the whole year of failed attempts happened in Singapore. We succeeded - twice - only in Evanston.

Is it the weather? Is it the stress? Is it the frequent consumption of "liang" stuff which is very common in our hot little island? Or is it the not-so-tasty TCM treatment I went through?

So to up our chances of having a new baby in our arms next year, I'm starting to cut out funny foods and rubbish food from my diet to prime my ageing body - after all, I'm not biologically young anymore... If need be, we'll enter phase two, which is to adjust Sito's diet as well. And if we still have no luck, well, it's back to acupuncture and nasty concoctions *.*

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