Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Where are all the dead animals?

A lizard died on the TV bench yesterday. It looked like it just stopped in its track when I turned on the light upon returning with ZK. This morning, it was still in the same position, and I wondered if it was dead.. Then Mum called in the afternoon to say that she found it full of ants!

Ok, so it was dead when I found it. But how did it die?? 被吓死的??!

Actually I’ve always been wondering – what happens to animals (not pets) when they die? I mean, we bury or cremate our folks. But animals don’t light matches.. I imagine they won’t dig a hole for their folks too!

There are so many stray cats and mynahs and pigeons and crows in Singapore. Sure, sometimes you see a flattened bird on the road. But what about the majority of these animals? How do they die? Where do they die? What happen to the bodies?? Another scenario is survival of the fittest. I have seen it a number of times - a cat ready to pounce on a blur pigeon. But that really begs the question - who eats the cat?! Surely not the nice puppy next door! And no one will eat that nice puppy anyway!

So I did a little googling.. And ended up with a whole lot of spiritual things about where animals go to when they die!

I lost my train of thought here cos I just dozed off while thinking *.* Been very tired the past week. Or perhaps just sleepy. Maybe I'll research more on this topic another day...

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