Thursday, 19 October 2017

And they grew a little bit more...

I think my baby Yang Yang just had his first big boy cry.

We were reading a book on sports 比赛 when he said "this is bi sai!" and put snot on my face! I sent him straight to bed. He pled for the naughty corner but I refused. So he went to bed. He took a peek at me and Kai watching video later, and I shooed him back.

When I sent Kai to bed, I talked to Yang a bit. When I said goodnight, he said, "But I want to watch funny videos." He was referring to videos of their funny antics, but which recently expanded to sports clips. I told him no coz he was sent straight to bed.

His hands grabbed at his eyes and I thought he was rubbing them when I heard a sob escape him. He was sobbing so hard! But he was also very quiet. No loud wailing like usual. Yes, big boy cry.

I rocked him some more and left the room. Sighs...

So cute yet so naughty!

Now that they are bigger, the way we interact with them and the way they interact with one another seem to be changing. Kai and Yang fight more and harder but they also have their good days when they play quietly with each other.

Happily - ok, grouchily - sharing a yummy drink

We played our first Monopoly game on Sunday - junior edition!

I got bankrupt very quickly and ended the game. The boy who was most confused and yet also enjoyed himself the most was Yang - he kept wanting to follow my token around, and he wasn't much of a buyer too. So he won! Haha!

Yu could only force himself into games - like fishing with hands :p

Look, they'll get too big for the trolley at Giant very soon!

Btw, Yu was wearing the Kellogg onesie meant for Kai but I forgot to bring it out while Kai could fit! And then I forgot for Yang. I finally remembered for Yu! But truth be told - the material isn't too comfy *.*

And barely 10 days into his second year, he fell off the bed again yesterday! I know :( I was napping next to him but N called me out as Kai had a scary nosebleed. I was with Kai for barely two seconds when I heard a thud and a cry! :( I didn't even know which part he hit :(

I'm going to get Kai to the specialist again. Something bloody came out through his mouth this time. N claimed it was the size of Yu's hand! In any case, he has nosebleeds a lot. Even Yang got it once quite recently, when he was digging his nose. Hope he doesn't end up like Kai!

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