Friday, 20 October 2017

Hello again, date night!

Sito and I just had our first date night in just over a year!!!

Oh wait.. We did go out at night while in Legoland...

Our first date night in Singapore in over a year! Hoho!

Yu happened to be awake since 2 pm so it was quite easy to get him to sleep. But Sito was nowhere to be found - he did not reply my texts nor pick up my call. I started getting paranoid and opened up the laptop to get his Apply password - I searched for his phone :p I found him at his office haha! I was sending the screenshot to him when he finally replied my text.

Then I had a little trouble convincing Yang to let me go - had to tell him I was going to bring Papa home. Kai was ever the big boy and agreed to be good :)

We had a simple dinner at Crystal Jade La Mian downstairs. Then we went to Watson and Cold Storage to walk walk and buy stuff. And we were home way before 10 pm :p

It was a good timing that we're resuming date nights coz we just collected our keys yesterday!! Wil definitely need to go shopping etc. So slowly, we'll venture further out. To more date nights :)

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