Monday, 9 October 2017

Happy birthday to my little Yu!

This is one happy chap who loves his birthday - I sang the birthday song to him in the past week and he almost always clapped at the end!

We had a combined celebration for Yu and Mother on Saturday. It was rather cramped in Crystal Jade La Mian XLB for a table of 10 but we don't have much options around here!

"It's ok, I'm happy!"

One big candle and one small candle

Kai and Yang also wanted to cut the cake after blowing the candles

I ordered a sugarless no added sugar banana cake from Edith Patisseri, just so that Yu may have a bite. But he didn't want any, bleah. At least it was yummy. We still remember Yang's horrible cake with no added sugar...

On Sunday, we crossed over from Chengzhu to Star Vista for Yu's birthday lunch. He woke just as we arrived.

Playing with Kai's balloon sculpture, undoing it and eventually bursting it!

Gugu putting on his first pair of shoes

"What are these?"

"I can't walk in them!"

Love his curious look when Jiejie was putting on the shoes for him. He was so guai just sitting there. Think both his brothers had to be held in place... But he couldn't walk with the shoes. Think it's a matter of getting used to them. Will try them out when we go out next week!

Next was 抓周! When we got back from lunch, Kai and Yang discovered the items on the table, especially the sword which was Sito's old toy! It was tough getting them away as Mum laid them out on the floor.

Yu went straight towards his left and picked up the ladles - next Michelin chef?

He got the blue bat on his second go. Unlike his brothers who did only twice, he went a third time, grabbing the microphone!

Yes, Chief Entertainment Office, we're very entertained by him all the time!

First time we did a group shot at birthday I think!

This boy was very excited over his birthday - he was bouncing up and down as we sang the birthday song! And clapping too! So proud of him! :)

And this morning, on his actual birthday, we wished him happy birthday again, and though he looked a little bewildered, he was clearly interested in the cake and/or candle and/or what they meant?!

"Oh, look at that flame!"

Let's blow the candle together!

If you look carefully, Kai was standing next to us. I don't know if it was because he was occupied with his toy or he understood it was Yu's birthday, but he didn't make an attempt to blow the candle. And there was Yang on the sofa behind us - he was sniffling coz he just got caned for jumping on my bed with pee on his feet!

I don't know why I didn't ask N to change bedsheets immediately but as luck would have it, he jumped on my bed with dirty feet again this evening so I made Yang promise to remember and not to do it again in lieu of no caning this time; the next time, he would be caned twice. And I made him watch N change the bedsheets. He helped to bring out the dirty sheets. "So heavy!" :p

The surprise fourth celebration in school!

Source: Teacher KY 

My super dorky birthday boy!

Source: Teacher KY 

And on his birthday, he got to enjoy the swing pushed by his brothers :)

And of course, on this date, he had to fall and hit his head AGAIN!!! I found him in my bed last night. Sito said I nursed him when he first came in but of course I didn't realise until he next cried. I sent him back to his bed and thought I averted a fall. But this morning, he was around his bed after nursing when somehow he fell backwards and bumped the back of his head! Crap!

That wasn't all. I accidentally let go and caused him to land on the diaper changing mat head first. Another thud, albeit lighter. Super sian!!!

And going back the past month, I'm sad to say that Yu fell off my bed again on 12 Sep :( I was sleeping and woke to a loud cry :( NEVER PUT HIM ON MY BED WHEN I'M SLEEPING!!!

Sito has been sore that Yu hasn't started calling Papa. But 16 Sep, Yu said it! But it was a one-hit wonder *.* We shall see...

Yu took his first steps in mid September. Within two weeks, he was walking like a champion! Ok, he does fall here and there, but he is so brave and fearless to keep standing up on his own and go! This boy started teething and walking earlier than his brothers who started at 12 and 13 months respectively. I wonder if the calcium pills had got anything to do with this...

In terms of his sleep, I had a glimpse into STTN on 1 October - he slept at 7 plus and didn't wake until 1 plus! The next evening, the same thing happened! And then he started coughing *.* But in the past few nights, I also discovered that he could sleep better on Kai's bed - first, he fell asleep there when I put him there; second, he crawled there himself and continued sleeping! But the second time, Kai came over to ask me to remove Yu. I had to ask him to let him stay and fortunately, he agreed.

So, one year old. That's my last baby to turn one :((((( But my babies are all growing up! :)) :(( Looking forward to all of their next milestones :)

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  1. I love your 抓周 tradition! Makes me wish I had done it too!


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