Monday, 5 March 2007

CNY 2007

Chinese New Year came and went all too soon! Yesterday was 元宵, no 鲍鱼鱼生 like last year (hee, 鲍鱼, not very 生 :p) but we had prawn 鱼生 instead, neither 鱼 nor 生 :p

This year quite good, in the mood for photos again! Amid all the CNY happenings, I failed my driving test, and had a lot of fun working long hours (next post, with photos too!)

Our super yummy steamboat lunch!

WT shocked us in the middle of lunch with his appearance - dread locks! So everyone wanted a piece of him.. Actually just a picture with the star..

This one is like Beauty and the Beast!!

This one, WT cheated; he stood on tip-toe

Oops, my bra showed up very clearly in the photo :p

After spending some time lazing in Aunt’s room…

... the cousins crawled into Grams' room for games!

And this year, Yan excused herself from visiting her godmother so we spent the pm together watching TV, lazing in the room, munching nuts and getting fat :p

Family photo :)

Eldest Uncle painted pink over the ugly green doors.. But somehow I miss them ugly green doors..

Sito popped by in the evening for dinner. The aunties were so excited! My third aunt hunted him down, and asked him what his dialect was and - best - shouted his reply across the living room to the kitchen!!

Warned him about what happened to Ling's bf - Grams gave him a lot of food during lunch! True enough, Grams came over with an extra scoop of rice! She was nice, he could eat - good! :p But she chided me for letting him do the dishes :p

Watched a bit of Harry Potter before we left for Just Follow Law. Quite funny but thought the central theme didn't come across very strongly..

Second day of the new year, I watched the second movie of the year with CY - Protégé. Quite a heavy show for the am but it was good, I like the ending scene of the little girl and Daniel Wu.

Went to CY's place to 拜年 before she came over, took some 大头贴!

(See my ugly pimples? Sighs..)

*gasp* CY’s hand was on Bow’s balls! :p

The boys came over shortly. CY couldn't recognise Ting anymore - actually even I could barely recognise him! He's 16 this year, so fast.. And his bro and cousin are now 13 and 12.. But these boys ah, simply refused to take pictures! Unlike these younger kids at PS's place, very cute right? :)

Btw, I finally managed to carry LH's boy without him crying! Learnt from them that I had to distract babies from their parents by pointing out the birds in the sky, the ball in the driveway etc - really 骗小孩! :p

Went to Sito's place to 拜年 last Sunday. Read a lot of my 长恨歌 while he worked - I finally finished it yesterday morning!! After more than a year!!

Some random CNY pictures now..

The head of the roast chicken at Beng Hiang, during our (pre-)CNY lunch :p

Passed by this place on eve of CNY - everyone was buying roast chicken or duck!

This side said 不斩, the other read 斩 :p

Returned from first day of work to find a lion dance team downstairs! But they were only drumming, no lion..

But during another lunch, at Amoy, I saw a lion dance! Interestingly, it was a Malay team!

(Oooh, we like the noodles at this stall!)

Was roaming Chinatown last Sat, and ジャンジャン!

No more pictures from this point, just some thoughts..

Just a few years ago, CNY used to be very fun. But it had been variable in recent years, like, last year wasn't too fun somehow..

In the first two decades of my life, CNY was the time, the only time, when we got new clothes, new shoes, excluding school wear of course. It was about $200 for all of us every year, so there wasn't much we could buy.

Now that I'm finally financially independent, new clothes and new shoes and even typical CNY goodies come easily, but that has also diminished the significance of CNY..

Which only made me realise that the only way to revive the good old CNY vibes is to inject new life - we need kids! :p To that end, I have two married cousins with one couple holding their ceremonious wedding in June and Ling is due to get married in the second half of the year. Got hope =D

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  1. haha... i kept thinkg if that guy is sito.. coz ur blog alwayz mention him... lol

    and good job with the censorship. it made me laugh!



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