Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Odds and ends..

1) Fish have tongues!
At IS's wedding dinner, a menu item was steamed live soon hock.

mf: Live? How do you steam a fish live? Certainly unlike drunken prawns!

When the fish arrived, it was rather crooked; it must have been thrashing about until it died =(

And hence the tongue hung out!

2) Shinjuku, Singapore
It was a Mon morning, almost like that Mon morning in Tokyo except that I woke up after what I recalled to be the loudest thunder clap I'd ever heard instead of an earthquake.

Waited for the rain to abate before leaving for work. That was the first time I took the train to work at that hour. When I reached Tanjong Pagar, it was so full of people and immediately I thought "Shinjuku", although I didn't get swept along..

やっぱり, we are not as crowded (yet?)

3) Warding away the ticket
An amazing number of parking coupons!

And about tickets, received an sms from Singtel:

Easi-ERP lets you pay your ERP violation charges @ reduced rate via your STM bill.Dial *ERP(*377) to register NOW & enjoy 60% off your ERP admin fee(U.P. $10)


4) Mr Bean!

So cute.. I like his bear too :)

5) Song mee
At first I thought that was the name of the shop, but it was its key item

There's the super song version too: fried :p

6) Ominous sign

Took this just before my driving lesson two days before my test (which I failed)

7) Dear Grams
Aunt came by to cut her hair, snowy white..

I’m moving in with her soon cos the internal works for the upgrading will start on 10 Apr..

Went to Na’s new place on Sat (with little 饅頭), very nice! Quite inspired by her room lights, hmmm.. We went shopping after that, girly things, homely stuff, お久しぶりね! :) From that trip and others, got myself two pillows, one duvet, one pink princessy canopy for the bed, and a whole lot of bathroom accessories! Oh oh, and my white towels too :p

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  1. Hey! My bedsheet fits... I need to buy more and thicker ones because I can see through the bedsheet that we bought. Heh. More shopping, more shopping! Whee... Na


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