Thursday, 22 March 2007

To the zoo!

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I went to the zoo; it must have been secondary school, or even primary school!

Last day of term break, there were countless screaming children, but I only remember one who pronounced scary as scaaaly..

Scary! :p

My obligatory poser shot aside..

White tiger! So so beautiful..

But it was a little unsettling to see the male pacing - very quickly - as if he was contemplating if he could clear the moat to reach the noisy people!

Interestingly, all white tigers alive today can be linked to one ancestor called Mohan, and tigers are only found in Asian. And, the zoo didn't seem to have regular tigers, not on map anyway..

I like big cats but the photos of the leopards etc didn’t turn out too well..

The baboons caught our eyes with their red red butts.. The reddest butt belongs to the alpha male, or the female in heat- we actually saw a very quick fuck :p The female had a horribly big, red and ugly butt! We were so traumatised..

Picking lice :p

I can’t get over these babirusa. I think they are mathematical, sleeping in parallel so that the flies couldn’t reach at least a part of them - they were asleep but madly twitching from the flies!

A hippo yawns to show affection. If you go "huh?", a zebra bares its teeth for similar purpose, to attract mates or something.. Maybe to take attention away from the dizzifying stripes? ~.~

Tight ass I’ll kill for, but oh, dizzy…

The giraffes are less dizzifying, though they can give me a neck strain.. Still cute, those two things on their heads :)

(Well, I can’t get a clear shot of the tall animal’s head.. Make do with a picture of a banner :p)

Koalas eat shit as babies - serious! Nutrients and all that shit.. Oops.. POS, you're useful after all, can rear baby marsupials, heh heh :p

These free-ranging orang utans were scary - they peed from up there, I saw! Luckily no one happened to be right under.. We steered clear..

But the elephants are cute!

Alright, maybe the real ones aren’t as cute.. But I’m always intrigued by their trunks and big ears (Dumbo’s fault :p)

Learnt quite a bit of stuff from this trip :) Oh, our zoo is going to focus on Asian animals so the younger polar bear will be sent to another zoo when the old mother dies.. I like polar bears, so pretty, although I distinctly remember a warning sign with a cartoon of a polar bear having a boy for food cos he jumped into the polar bear compound..!

It was a bit warm and threatening to rain. But it was so much fun! Fuelled by KFC, amused and entertained just by staring at our four-legged friends, and satisfied by ice cream when it finally rained at the end =)


  1. Having KFC so soon after your cashew nuts issue?


  2. you can always summon a monkey on demand by calling desmond. i promise he can make you laugh

  3. Hey girl I don't know which email addy to send to. Just log on to your msn, and read her nick. Then log off. If you still don't have it, email her!

    SY, she doesn't know you have a blog. Heh.


  4. In Barcelona we have one white tiger too... so nice ;)


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