Tuesday, 13 March 2007

COS 2007

The second week of CNY was hectic and tiring, but exciting and happy too! .. Ok, sans Mon when I flunked my driving test (can't help but whine about this :p)

Had to do some ridiculous research on Mon after driving test, BUAY SONG was written all over my face - value-add?: not sure; "extra"?: definitely!

Luckily things got better from there..

Our boardroom became ops room for budget debate from Tues. Ordered KFC for dinner. And while we worked, we talked.. Alright! We gossiped, we complained :p So it was quite fun la, and funny too, especially when one of our laptops ran low on battery..

Word du jour: juice
Common definition: as in fruit juice
Definition in office: laptop power
Connotations: everything imaginable

LY: I need juice!
mf: Um, that sounds..wrong!
LH: Juice, I also have!

Fyi, LH is still lactating..


For interest, I went to M-W and found eight definitions! Besides the usual of (1) the extractable fluid contents of cells or tissues, and (2) motivating, inspiring, or enabling force or factor, there were also (3) the natural fluids of an animal body (plural), and (4) a medium (as electricity or gasoline) that supplies power!! We have been using (3) and (4) :p

It was quite late by the time we were done and it was also the time when cabs were hard to come by. So LY, LH and I shared a cab. The cabbie on Wed night was the funniest ever! Four of us were just chatting and somehow..

LH: 男人都不是好东西!

And uncle almost braked in the middle of nowhere!

LH: I mean, office 的男人都不是好东西! :p
Uncle: Ya, I thought you meant that, so I carried on driving, heh heh!

Quite nice, gave us something to laugh about at the end of a long day =)

But little did we expect an even longer Thursday..

Everything for Fri was sent up early but somehow things started to flood in towards the end, and there were so many changes!

After too much dim sum the past couple of days, we had chicken rice instead, followed by LY's birthday cake! She turned 3X on Friday :)

The poor girl, we were joking that she might have to stay until midnight and we could wish her happy birthday.. But the joke came true!! 她一脸无奈...

Some debris.. Leftover breakfast

We killed trees..

.. and sapped the earth’s fuel!

After sending up the fifth version of the day, we left the office looking forward to an easy Friday, just watching the proceedings..

But our simple wish was not to be granted! There was yet another change, at 654am! It filtered to us at only 911am and we started working madly again =(

We left office before ten, hoping to carry on in Parliament. But we were held up by what I called "the most efficient" security clearance..

Rushed out everything by 11 plus, prepared a set for the bosses and finally sat down in front of the TV in the business centre.

Minutes rolled by. Perspiration dripped right to the heart, chilling it; we were running over time!! To put it simply, we were eating into other departments' time and one department was sitting with us in the business centre! Stress..

But we were lucky; we were given extended time!

After confirming the final delivered speech, we went for a really late lunch and returned to office by 5+

Quite an exciting and fun journey, don't mind doing it again but pls spare us the last minute changes!

Btw, check out Mr Brown's podcast on the 6.5m population (which is a landuse planning parameter, not our desired target ok...)

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