Tuesday, 13 March 2007

What happened after mf had a record number of cashew nuts?

She spent a record of 68 continuous hours in the house!

Sore throat erupted on Wed and escalated out of control in no time. Chirpy doc said throat was inflammed, hence the sore throat, flu, fever, cough..

Quite stoned on Thurs and Fri, just trying to find a good position to be in so I could breathe. The best positions were found on Eeyore! No pillow ma :p Poor Eeyore was so flat on one side at the end of it!

Cough worsened on Fri, but the stuffy nose and fever dissipated by Sat. It must be the ant I swallowed - I was convinced an ant fell into my cough syrup!

Had nothing but porridge on Thurs, Fri AND Sat (plus a spoonful of Sito's hor fun) - was so sick of it that when I woke on Sun, I spread kaya on my bread for the first time in a long time, and packed hor fun for lunch! :)

Have to learn to eat more sensibly. Haven't been so ill for a long time. And a total waste of time, weekend time! Gaaar!

But it was a good rest, watched a lot of TV since I couldn't do anything else. Now I'm addicted to the weekend 7pm show on Channel 8 :p And I saw the MIO advert - so cute! :)


  1. control control....but i noe sometimes it's very easy to succumb to temptation...oops.....me too

  2. I hope you're feeling ok THIS weekend!! xo


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