Friday, 8 March 2013


This morning, the lift arrived at our floor with two persons in it, a young lady and an old uncle. They let me push the stroller into the middle of the lift. I stepped into the space between the lady and the stroller.

Later, another old uncle came in. He stood in front of the lady where the lift buttons were. And then, a young man came in. He squeezed in between the lift door and the stroller to stand in front of old uncle #1.

When we reached downstairs, the young man quickly got out. Then, old uncle #2 told me to go.

Huh? But you're in the way!

Of course I didn't say that. I just thanked him but asked him to go out first as I couldn't get out without him moving first. But he kept telling me to go out!

Finally, old uncle #1 came to the rescue. He stepped out and helped me pull the stroller out. Then I followed...

Wa liao!!

I appreciate old uncle #1 wanting to hold the lift for me. But! Couldn't he see that I really couldn't get out before he did?!

Actually this wasn't the first time someone held the lift but was in the way. But before today, they all understood when I asked them to go ahead first. Today, old uncle #2 really 帮倒忙 man!!

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