Monday, 18 March 2013

ZK's first staycation!

ZK was curiously looking around as we alighted outside St Regis and checked in. It was the smallest room with Sito's corporate rate but it was great!

There's a little genkan on the way in. They had prepared a bottle warmer and a bottle steriliser along with a cot, a baby tub and baby toiletries as we asked for full baby amenities. But they ran out of diapers so we were given only two pull-ups - good enough!

The oval cabinet contains the mini fridge - this must be the first time I found champagne in a mini bar..

The room! Day curtains were up then. I must say that their night curtains worked really well - didn't know it was light this morning!

The king bed, fearfully awaiting a poopy baby :p

The bathroom from the bedroom - it's almost as big as the bedroom lor... On the left is the wardrobe. The two doors open into the toilet and the shower. The shower has a full-length mirror so you can watch yourself shower hoho!

And the side of the bathroom facing the two doors! ZK's bathtub was placed nicely in the big tub. Sito took a bath last night while watching the small TV! And that was the "his" basin...

The "hers" basin - complete with a makeup mirror, moisturiser and cotton buds etc, not available on the other side! :p

Our TV is larger *.*

The butler came in shortly after us and showed us around the room. But we forgot to ask her how to use the cot *.* No kidding! Cos there's no way I can put ZK down asleep with the bed that far down! I thought the door could be opened but nop.. Ah well, ZK would have to sleep with us in the king bed. We put him in the cot to play though - he was happy by himself until he got bored..

Let's rest - and pose!

We gave him a bath and then milk. He was drowsy while drinking but woke when the bottle was taken away, argh.. It took a while for ZK to doze off after that. I successfully put him down on the bed - without a bolster yeah!

But he pooped - either just before he slept or when he woke. As I was changing him, Sito finally understood what I understood when I first wiped adult poop off his butt - that yes, breastmilk poop was indeed "sweet smelling" as described by some baby websites!!

Watch him crawl! With his belly on the bed!

Dinner was at Chili's! ZK got fussy - think he was getting hungry. Fed him avocado from my guacamole before offering him my factory..

Finally got a piece of string to hang his toy on him - no fear of it dropping to the ground while we're out! Btw, very smart schoolboy look right? :) Unfortunately, most pictures at the restaurant were blur..

Sent the little one to bed after dinner and settled down to some movie time! But we didn't get through the second movie - I fell asleep, as usual! So Sito turned off the TV and hit the pillows too - with ZK in between us :)

Last night wasn't the first time he slept with us. In the early days, I nursed him in bed and slept together when he refused to go down. But he was in a swaddle then. This time, he was able to roll and turn! Found him turned sideways in the middle of the night - head with Sito and feet with me...

When he woke in the morning, he found himself in an unfamiliar place, sandwiched between two familiar persons. He's probably more used to waking up next to me cos I do fall asleep on his bed sometimes when he stirs.. But Sito! He was curious and snuggled up towards him and woke sleepy Papa! :p

We went to the pool on level two for a look - he woke but Papa was sleeping and I had nothing to do *.* Small but good enough to occupy him for a while..

Played in the cot while Papa took a shower - so happy! :)

But not so happy here.. Fed him some plain congee - too plain. Ended up just having some bread and papaya, followed by milk upstairs.

Let him nap a little after breakfast before we headed home. It was so fun! Really nice sleeping next to a ball of cuteness :) But I'm adamant about not letting him into our bed at home!

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