Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Part-time single mum again

Sito is in Jakarta! And he will be there on weekdays for the next two to three months, which makes me a part-time single mum, bleah!

He took leave the past two days after his last project which was in Singapore. So on Monday after we were done with St Regis, we sent ZK to IFC for the rest of the afternoon - the teachers who had never seen Sito were pretty excited to see what ZK's papa looked like haha! - and went to watch Oz the Great and Powerful. We like it!

But Oz always reminds me of a day in my childhood. I must be about five or so when my paternal grandmother brought me to the office where she worked as a cleaner. I was left in a meeting room with the boss's daughter who was about my age. I remember she had nice clothes. And a book - yes, it was an Oz book. I couldn't read a word and felt somewhat inferior. But I remember the pictures and probably what she told me cos it was years later when I came across the Oz story that I realised that that was the book she showed me back then.

Anyway, yes, we watched a movie. Then we took a little walk in the new wing of Plaza Sing and had an early dinner before going back to fetch ZK.

Yesterday, I took only afternoon leave to conserve my leave since Sito wasn't able to wake too early anyway! In order to leave work early, I left the house with ZK at 7 am and headed straight for office after dropping him off. Got there before 8 am - what a feat! Managed to get things done and left by 12.20 pm, arriving in Shangri-La just a little later than our 12.30 pm reservation at The Line :)

We ate sooooo much! Seafood, sashimi, tempura, salad, pasta, steak, dim sum, fried noodles, prawn mee, char siew, satay, curry, prata! Oh, and Joy Yee-smell-alike vegetables! :p And the desserts - crepe, cold stone ice cream, cakes, puffs and cream-filled mochi! Washed it all down with earl grey for Sito and cappuccino for me. Soooo satisfied... And soooo full! We didn't have dinner in the end - not hungry!

Walked to Shaw to catch Warm Bodies. Initially, I wasn't interested in a zombie show. But Sito said it was a romantic comedy. A rom-zom-com? He assured me it wouldn't be scary so I gave in. And it really wasn't scary! In fact, it was cute and funny and sweet! *brains* :p

We came home to rest after that. Eh... I thought we rested but actually, no. We were packing his luggage for his trip, doing online check-in, switching power plugs around, etc *.* And very soon, it was time to fetch ZK.

ZK was playing on the play mat when we got there, belly down, toy in hands. He saw us, smiled happily and carried on playing, totally ignoring us! So we let him be for a while and chatted with the teacher until I couldn't take the cold shoulder anymore! :p

He had slept well in IFC these two days but last night he was up for 1.5 hour *.* And then Sito was up to catch his early flight. So I barely had much sleep after 3.30 am.

Now that I'm on my own, well, hope he sleeps better tonight!

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