Friday, 15 March 2013


About two weeks ago, I started giving ZK vitamin C from a teaspoon. As he's always pursing his lips when he sees me have my breakfast, I would have a few bites of my breakfast, change the spoon to his and pretend to feed him my breakfast! Yes, Mama is very sneaky :p

He always gave me his surprised, bunched-up face at the touch of the solution. But strangely, he was quite willing to open his mouth again. It took me a few days to realise that perhaps he wasn't adverse to the taste; he just didn't like it cold!

So I tried leaving the solution out at room temperature for a couple of minutes. Result? No more funny face! And I don't even need to pretend to feed him my breakfast anymore - I just go to him with a spoon and some tissue. Wa, so easy!

And today, he surprised me. He sounded like he had phlegm so I decided to give him some medicine. I had wanted to put the medicine on his spoon after measuring out with a syringe but realised that it would take many teaspoons to feed him.

So I gingerly brought the syringe to him, armed with some tissue as usual, and asked him, "Do you want this? Is this ok?" In Mandarin of course.

He gave me his happy little face and OPENED HIS MOUTH!

I quickly squirted some into his mouth. He gave me a bunched-up face and I thought, ok, that's it... But I asked him the same thing again anyway. AND HE OPENED HIS MOUTH AGAIN!

Took me three squirts but those were three very successful squirts! I was so proud of him :)

DC told me to condition him to the syringe by letting him play with it. Well, looks like that's no longer necessary! :)

Every time something about him changes, I would think he has entered another phase. So this is one.

And the past few days, he didn't cry or even whine when I left the infant care. He just looked at me go and got curious about some other stuff in the room.

我的小baby长大了 :)

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