Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Days lazing around with babe(s)

Days seem to pass in a blur. We're both not working now so the only thing differentiating weekdays from weekends is that ZK is away most of the time on weekdays. And what do we do on weekdays? We nua at home with ZY.

I must have been in the toilet or something. When I returned, I found ZY sleeping on his papa :)

Sleep grin :)

His sleep pose. Also, 大力士!

One day before his EDD, his cord stump fell off!

The day before, it was already loose after a bath. The next day, I was changing his diaper when I realised the stump was missing! Found it between his onesie and diaper. But a black thing remained embedded in his belly button. It took a few more days for it to drop - kept that as well. BUT! Another black thing remained! And there were lots of blood flakes. Eventually, the black thing came off, showing off a nice innie :) As the black thing looks more like clotted blood than cord, I dumped it.

On his EDD, he gave us his sweet innocent look...

That was also the day when he farted at the changing mat, and a poop seed flew onto my arm! At the next change, he eventually pooped into a clean diaper - better in a clean diaper than on the mat itself! He also peed onto his towel at bath time *.*

But those were mild.. The next day, I was changing him when poop flew through my right hand to my right foot and beyond! And there I was, wondering when he was going to pee and poop on me...

Tiny babe on our bed :)

Saw my notes taken at the parent craft class two years ago, that I should cut nails only after six weeks. But I found from photos that I cut ZK's nails at three weeks. And ZY's nails are really long! So I cut them yesterday.

And talking about nails, this ZK dug his nails into my face on his birthday! Wanna give me pain again on 12 July, issit?! Now I'm sporting ugly red spots on my face :(

And speaking of ZK, here's a shot of ZK sayang-ing ZY :)

We think he is a wonderful big brother :) Just check out what he did! (The video starts slow, but keep watching!)

PS: He was watching an excavator video - in Russian!

In other news, I'm now 66.6 kg, woohoo! Measured myself at the gynae's on 10 July, i.e. I may be lighter now? :) Took out the knot for my episiotomy that day and was told I still had quite a bit of blood clots inside. And my uterus looked huge and round in the ultrasound - I don't remember that from ZK's time! Better breastfeed more..

Since 11 July, we have started leaving ZY to nap at home while we take off for an hour or so for lunch. Today, we went shopping for a Chinese costume for ZK to wear to the racial harmony day celebration next Monday. At $18, it's the most expensive piece of clothing we've ever bought for ZK, I think! But we realise that with the boys two years apart, such costumes should fit ZY when it's his turn! Save some money, ha!

ZY is sleeping now. Hope he sleeps better tonight - he caught a little bug from ZK and has been sniffling since yesterday :( In fact, the whole family is sniffling. This morning, I used a suction bulb to suck out a piece of green snot from his right nostril. Couldn't get the rest out. Hope he manages to sneeze them out soon...

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