Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The special position of the firstborn

Na came over last Saturday and thought ZY would be better looking than ZK. Well, I think both are super good looking leh - yes, I'm the mama but as mentioned, the parents can be objective too!

ZY is still in his bee-bee newborn stage - more photos will come. Today, I'm posting some well-taken photos of ZK from Na's QY's first birthday party.

I like this fried rice - it has plenty of egg and no meat! (More like the Mama picked out the meat for him..)

Source: Na

What's this thing, Mama? Pointy!

Source: Na

Haha! I don't know what I'm doing but it's fun!

Source: Na

Ok, let me make a serious effort to, um, water the box?

Source: Na

All the mummies were looking into the camera; all the babies were not! And birthday girl had to cover her face!!

Source: Na

This was taken the morning of the last night he slept at home as our only child. He woke, went to the no-no zone and stayed there for a while with Meh Meh before going to the door to call for me. I thought the photo looks a little eerie - he took on a very different expression from his usual - but he's still so cute :)

ZK is really a lot more expressive these days. I don't know when it started but he shows 150% excitement at everything. He laughs heartily. He smiles sweetly at us. He says please and thank you and sorry either absent-mindedly while watching videos or with the most charming look I've ever seen in a kid. He sings a lot and talks a lot with lots of gestures.

Physically, he's also grown. At first, we thought it was because we spent more time with ZY in the hospital and his smallness made us think ZK look big. But I wiped his poopy butt on Sunday when Y was off - I hadn't cleaned him for quite a while - and boy, his butt is now damn huge and heavy to lift! He also has more teeth now. I noticed two more teeth - top premolars I think - the Sunday we got home from the hospital.

Thinking about ZK sometimes makes me emo. The firstborn really has a special place in my heart :) Actually, come to think of it, each of our kids always has a special place in our hearts, be it as the firstborn, last or - maybe? - middle :) Oh, and the hubs too, despite this seeming like an after-thought! :)

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